Can We Make This World Great?

Tim Keller addresses an issue that strikes more at contemporary Christians than Objectivists. I lifted this from another blog because I couldn’t resist. I’m trying to overcome a typical, wrong, unbiblical attitude on the part of Christians, particularly evangelical Christians, toward this material world. There’s a tendency for many Christians to think of this material […]

Objectivism and Idolatry

Timothy Keller is an author and speaker who addresses postmodern audiences with provocative insights about the Gospel. The video referenced on this post deals with idolatry. Admittedly, “idolatry” sounds like an arcane concept that is irrelevant to individuals in a postmodern culture. But Keller provides examples of personal and cultural idols held by religious and […]

Standards and Identity

In an earlier post, we talked about standards. In several ways, standards can be helpful in defining a worldview, measuring our behavior, and motivating us to move in a right direction. At the same time, standards are often alienating, in that they lead us to be intolerant. Timothy Keller talks about the way that religion […]

Finding Christ…

I am attempting a particular approach with The Soul of Atlas. That is, in this conversation between Atheistic Objectivism and Gospel Christianity, I am looking for ideas in Objectivism that I can agree with, and then illustrate (wherever possible) the most thorough fulfillment of these ideas in Jesus Christ. I am particularly interested in showing […]

Tim Keller on Cultural Transformation

The last time I posted a Tim Keller video on the blog (, I received great feedback and a lot of appreciation. Call it pandering, but Tim is making another appearance. By way of relevance, I should add that Tim Keller has influenced me at least as much as any other writer. I aspire to […]

Follow-up on Respectful Debate

Someone brought to my a attention a great snippet from Tim Keller. He does a great job of communicating the kind of respect that I mentioned in the previous post “Why I like the Christian Objectivists Group.” I am embedding the video in this post. You can also find it at Become a fan! […]

Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World

I found some writing help in an unlikely place: a seminar on preaching by Timothy Keller and Edmund Clowney entitled Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World. The challenge is to consider how Jesus Christ is truly the answer to the deepest longings that I experience in my life. And I’m not alone. Tim is adept […]

Using your Mind

In response to Skye’s helpful illustration regarding using our minds, please let me share my post from November entitled, “How Ayn Rand Led Me to Christ.” I applaud any desire to use the mind, and I agree whole-heartedly. Skye’s experience of “emptying” reminds me of Eastern meditation more than anything Christian. The difference between Eastern […]

Truth Claims and Power

Something nice happens when I walk into my neighborhood coffee shop every morning. I’m not talking about that “everybody knows your name” feeling you get from watching “Cheers” or “Friends” or any other one-word nineties sitcom. It’s further away from the heart and closer to the wallet. Without giving away any free advertising, let me […]