Faith vs Reason, or Faith vs Works?

I have spent many posts discussing the ethical conclusions that Objectivists and Christians have in common. But the means of knowledge are sometimes opposed at their foundation. Both the Objectivist and the Christian embrace reason as a means of knowledge, but the Objectivist makes no room for faith. Objectivism explicitly rejects anything that entails “blind […]

John A. Allison IV

“You learned in that sandbox at some really deep level that it’s bad to be selfish,” says Mr. Allison, adding that the mother has taught a horrible lesson. “To say man is bad because he is selfish is to say it’s bad because he’s alive.” The chairman of BB&T, a $143Bln regional bank headquartered in […]

Atlas Shrugs, Leftists Rage

There have been a lot of articles lately. This one, from Canada’s National Post, almost slipped by my radar. It’s worth a read: “Atlas Shrugs, Leftists Rage.” Foster, an editor for the conservative paper, has some nice lines. Indeed, it has been suggested that far from being associated with John Galt, Mr. Greenspan, especially […]


I am now back at work full time and it feels like I am starting a new job at a place where I know all of the people. Kind of a neat feeling that I didn’t think about before coming back. On three occasions last week, I have tried to continue writing after hours. I […]

Last Night

My leave-of-absence is at an end. Tomorrow, I return to Chatham Financial. It’s bitter-sweet: leaving my full-time writing. I feel like I’m embarking on brand new phase of life. While I remember the first days of my leave-of-absence as a step into a wilderness, my transition back is altogether different. In some ways, it’s easier […]

The Dignity of Work: Objectivist or Christian?

In my conversations with Christians and Objectivists, both articulate a high view of work. Still, there are some inconsistencies between the foundation and practice of each worldview. Today, Rand’s view of laissez faire capitalism meets detractors, but her view of hard work gets wholehearted support in today’s Western industrial society. Rand’s heroes are not mere […]