One of the worst opinion articles I have read…

It has been a while since I have read an article so misguided. Nicolaus Mills seems like an intelligent person, but he seems oblivious to his philosophical bias. I appreciate his appeal for patriotism. He assumes that his readers will desire patriotism, and I like that. But he presumes that he or anyone else is […]

Lessons from Aristotle

A great article from I think the author hits more than one chord straight on. Martin Sandbu is the lead writer for FT’s economics. His book Just Business: Arguments in Business Ethics has just been published by Prentice Hall. I am delighted to say that I think he nails it! Excellent advice for bankers and business leaders […]

The Time Has Indeed Come!

Governors of 35 states have already filed suit against the Federal Government for imposing unlawful burdens upon them. It only takes 38 (of the 50) States to convene a Constitutional Convention.  For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that members of Congress could retire […]

Yaron Brook, from a CNN Post

Consider how just two fundamental ideas have ushered in the modern world. Rewind a scant 600 years, and modern science doesn’t yet exist. Men and women live and die in squalor and filth, largely ignorant of the germs that ravage their bodies and of the natural laws that govern the universe, instead imploring an alleged […]

Inflammatory Propaganda Against Rand

 In Bloomberg article (interview) with a Rand biographer, the author says this: For people who are passionate about what seems to me to be an unrealistic view of radical individualism, she makes the strongest possible case.What she lacked was empathy and a sense that there’s a social contract. The interviewer betrays her view in the […]

Ayn Rand and Whole Foods

Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey, takes his vision for reshaping (or returning to) capitalism from Ayn Rand and others. From Danielle Sacks at Fast Company: Once Mackey started running his own company, he quickly found himself on the dark side: His customers thought his prices were too expensive; employees complained of being underpaid; and the […]

Moral Issues: Profit vs. Government Regulation, the Weigh-in at Church

Quoted in a  Bloomberg article  entitled “Profit `Not Satanic,’ Barclays Says, After Goldman Invokes Jesus”, several bankers spoke about the compatibility of Christianity and Captialism.  Bankers became too obsessed with short-term gains in a financial crisis that is a “profoundly moral issue,” Lazard’s Costa said in the church of St. Katherine Cree on Oct. 15. […]

Faith vs Reason, or Faith vs Works?

I have spent many posts discussing the ethical conclusions that Objectivists and Christians have in common. But the means of knowledge are sometimes opposed at their foundation. Both the Objectivist and the Christian embrace reason as a means of knowledge, but the Objectivist makes no room for faith. Objectivism explicitly rejects anything that entails “blind […]

John A. Allison IV

“You learned in that sandbox at some really deep level that it’s bad to be selfish,” says Mr. Allison, adding that the mother has taught a horrible lesson. “To say man is bad because he is selfish is to say it’s bad because he’s alive.” The chairman of BB&T, a $143Bln regional bank headquartered in […]

Atlas Shrugs, Leftists Rage

There have been a lot of articles lately. This one, from Canada’s National Post, almost slipped by my radar. It’s worth a read: “Atlas Shrugs, Leftists Rage.” Foster, an editor for the conservative paper, has some nice lines. Indeed, it has been suggested that far from being associated with John Galt, Mr. Greenspan, especially […]