This is fun!

I have to say, “This is fun!” Sure, I’m up late and I’m sweating a [self-imposed] deadline. But, the challenge of formulating an argument that is complex and yet hangs together; that’s energizing. Today, I focused on putting together an in-depth mental plan for the first chapter, entitled “How does the Objectivist View the Nature […]

Why am I feeling so compelled to write about…

I can’t help but write about a new resource for writing. It’s a tool that has motivated me to get writing. It’s the “butt in chair” method for writing. Simply showing up and writing is the surest way to write. So, I have begun a journey of writing something every day. To help, I have […]

Narrative Nonfiction

My writing to this point has been a left brain activity. I have been outlining the points that will accomplish each chapter’s purpose, their appropriate juxtaposition, etc. My right brain gets involved as I consider how to express these points creatively, in a way that will engage the reader. Here’s where I’m finding the need […]


Some of you have seen my postings on Facebook. Each day, I have been writing 750 words. That’s roughly three pages. It’s at least that number each day, and then I “share on Facebook.” The post on the page reads something like this: Mark Henderson wrote 1,144 words on Thursday August 19, 2010 – 750 […]

Writing is Work

I haven’t yet reached the point of exasperation that William Burroughs describes as “the temptation to tear up your work in little pieces and throw it in someone else’s wastepaper basket.” It demands patience and solitude from the writer who wants to write well. The compulsion to spend hours writing can deform a normal life. […]

Morning Pages

The inspiration for, my latest reason for enthusiasm about writing, is the passage about a tool for creative recovery called “Morning Pages” in Julia Cameron‘s book, The Artist’s Way. Simply, writing. Cameron puts it this way: When people [in her creative workshop] ask, “Why do we write morning pages?” I joke, “To get to […]

Self-Importance and My Private Writing

I have continued to write, despite the “self-importance” ascribed to my emotional/psychological state. The picture that I have posted here shows a frame from the daily feedback I get on my writing. Note the purple bars on the left, showing that my average level of “self-importance” is greater than the rest of the world. As […]