The Soul of Atlas: A Discussion of the movie, Atlas Shrugged, Part 1

Come join us to discuss the Gospel and Objectivism on Wednesday, April 13th: two days before the movie hits the theaters.

Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged, is coming to theaters on April 15th. Since 1957, this novel has been the second most influential book in the lives of readers. The Bible is #1. Despite the widespread influence of Ayn Rand’s philosophy and the pervasiveness of Christianity in Western culture, these two world views have never engaged with one another.

On Wednesday, April 13th, Mark Henderson will discuss the Atlas Shrugged, Part 1, the movie that his stepfather has produced. He will surprise the audience with his discussion of Atheist Objectivism and Gospel Christianity, show scenes from the movie, and tell his own story in context. There will be ample time for questions about all topics.


Mark Henderson develops a long-overdue conversation between these two world views. Raised in an Objectivist home, he relates the development of his own world view through his two fathers. John is a businessman, an Atheist Objectivist, and the Producer of Atlas Shrugged, Part 1. Dad is a Christian and a simple farmer with a PhD in physiology. His fathers approach the world from different perspectives. Mark introduces a unique world view, born of their agreements and contradictions.

Come see Mark at Willowdale Chapel on April 13th at 7:00 pm.

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