The Soul of Atlas, A Story

The Soul of Atlas is a story about two world views.

pleasure-readingAs with most stories, the reader will be tempted to see one of these world views as the protagonist and the other as the antagonist. With that story line, the conflict is directed toward the villain of the opposing world view. That’s not the way this story goes; it’s more like a conversation than a story. Instead, is the protagonist is actually me, looking for a world view that reconciles my two fathers? Or is it “Truth” trying to find itself, seeking its own identity?

In a good story, you need to make the protagonist likable, at least something about him. If that’s me, then I need to make myself likable: rather a tough assignment. On the other hand, who doesn’t like “Truth?” Sure, different human beings may not like particular truths, but Truth as an idea is hard to dislike. I think we all want it, whether or not we think it can be had.