This Week: Approaching the New Atheism

This week, Mark Henderson will be addressing the Radiate 2010 Conference in two seminars on Wednesday, December 29th at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront.

His first talk is entitled “The New Atheism.” What is the new atheism and how does it differ from the atheism of past decades? What are its unique characteristics, and how may this generation of Christians approach the new atheism?

The second seminar is entitled “The Virtue of Selfishness? Atheism Meets the Gospel.” Readers of this blog will immediately recognize the title, alluding to Ayn Rand’s famous apologetic for her philosophy of Objectivism. Henderson will use Ayn Rand as an imminently relevant example of the new atheism. Despite the age of greatest novel, Atlas Shrugged, sales of her work are topping the charts even today. With the political and economic climate of the decade, and the much-talked-about movie version of her novel scheduled for release on the big screen for the first time this coming April 15th, Rand’s philosophy has seen a resurgence.

If you are interested in attending either seminar, post a comment to this blog.