Three Pages

I came across a great website that offers some motivation to write. Although it comes through the back door, I’ll take whatever I can get. The website is called and it encourages people to write 750 words a day, about three pages.

Why? Because three pages, written in the morning, is what The Artist’s Way suggests doing in order to unlock and pursue your inner creativity. Okay, so I looked into it based on a friend’s recommendation (Thanks a ton, Ton!) I started to write material for my manuscript, The Soul of Atlas. I’m trying to explain Atheism to Christians and the Gospel to Objectivists. The topics generally address issues of agreement and disagreement between Atheist Objectivism and Gospel Christianity. As I began to write, I started getting feedback in the form of badges: a badge for starting the journey, another for writing fast, another for writing five days in a row, etc. (Did I mention that donations are encouraged, but that the site is free?)
I’m delighted thus far, and I recommend the site Nevertheless, I stumbled across one peculiarity. Not with the site itself, but with its assessment of my writing. Stay tuned. I’ll share tomorrow.
Do you know of any nifty approaches to “the gamification of life”?