What Do Lolita and Freakonomics Have in Common? – NYTimes.com

Interesting commentary on the Freakonomics Opinion blog of the NYTimes. First thought: This is the third or fourth time I have seen references to Ayn Rand on this blog. Second thought: It’s interesting to discover the perspective of someone I respect voice an opinion about Ayn Rand and Objectivism. When I read a good argument, I reexamine my own views; in other cases, I lose a little respect for the one who advances the opinion.
What Do Lolita and Freakonomics Have in Common? – NYTimes.com: “Agreed that Atlas Shrugged is for freshman pseudo-intellectuals. I hate to say it here, because I do enjoy this blog, but isn’t seeing Freakonomics on that list sort of like looking at a stack of The Economist, Journal of Commerce, …. film based on the best-selling book, brings together some of the world’s most acclaimed directors, including Alex Gibney, Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing, Morgan Spurlock, Eugene Jarecki and Seth Gordon. The film is available on DVD. …”


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One thought on “What Do Lolita and Freakonomics Have in Common? – NYTimes.com

  1. I wonder wehethr for some people, these are the only books they’ve read. It’s hard to put Dickens in your list of favorites, for example, if you’ve never read a book by Dickens. A lot of people only read one or two books a year.

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