Where did your tax dollars go?

Ayn Rand was very clear on the role of government. Any discussion about how tax dollars are spent cannot be profitable without agreement about the rightful role of government.
Christians have not been as single-minded on the function of government as Objectivists, more broadly described as “secular libertarians.” Ayn Rand said

Since the protection of individual rights is the only proper purpose of a government, it is the only proper subject of legislation: all laws must be based on individual rights and aimed at their protection. All laws must be objective (and objectively justifiable): men must know clearly, and in advance of taking an action, what the law forbids them to do (and why), what constitutes a crime and what penalty they will incur if they commit it.

There are more issues facing our society and culture than what can be legislated.

In a free society, men are not forced to deal with one another. They do so only by voluntary agreement and, when a time element is involved, by contract. If a contract is broken by the arbitrary decision of one man, it may cause a disastrous financial injury to the other—and the victim would have no recourse except to seize the offender’s property as compensation. But here again, the use of force cannot be left to the decision of private individuals. And this leads to one of the most important and most complex functions of the government: to the function of an arbiter who settles disputes among men according to objective laws.

What do you think is the rightful role of government?